cum pane at NYC FEMINIST FILM WEEK 2019

NYC FEMINIST FILM WEEK 2019 at ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES March 5 – March 10 The NYC Feminist Film Week presents its third annual film program committed to increasing the visibility of women and of all trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming filmmakers. Our program aims to… Read more

Towards a Queer History

IN & BEYOND SWEDEN: Journeys Through an Art Scene Release: 2018-10-17 The freestanding publication IN & BEYOND SWEDEN: Journeys Through an Art Scene is published in conjunction with the opening of the Moderna Exhibition 2018. The book offers fascinating insights into current artistic expressions from… Read more

En blues över fjällen

Sorry only in Swedish PROVINS NR. 3 / 2018 Tema: SVIKARE “Amanda Kernells film Sameblod och Annica Wennströms roman Lappskatteland är två verk i vilka många har sett dessa kvaliteter, och de uppmärksammas med varsin essä i detta nummer. Det är samtidigt verk som undviker… Read more

Linder Unlimited

I just love this typeface made by Minna Sakaria for my book Queer Moving Images. A custom made headline typeface for Anna Linder’s research project Queer Moving Images. The typeface is outlined, with lines that transitions between the two typefaces used in the dissertation, Montserrat… Read more