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Barbara Hammer Video Greetings

May 7th 2015 at The Cinematheque Stockholm, Swedish Film Institute

Before the show started, Anna Linder presented the program and introduced the video greeting from Barbara Hammer. Bill Schiller was in place and handed out the 1993 Polar Bear Award to Barbara. Tupilak – Nordic Rainbow Cultural Workers & ILGCN – The International Gay and Lesbian Cultural Network Presents the 1993 Polar Bear Award for outstanding support for LGBT films, film makers and film festivals to Barbara Hammer, USA … for confirming that films such as “Nitrate Kisses” are among the strongest weapons to combat homophobia, intolerance, ignorance and hatred.
Screening followed with Barbara Hammers films Nitrate Kisses and Double Strength. Curator Anna Linder. Here you can see both of the greetings Barbara sent me to share with the audience. Number 2 screened at The Cinematheque.

Spermwhore – Juli Apponen

Spermwhore – Juli Apponen

2009, 18 min, Stereo
There are these weird, magical things inside of me, that can potentially create a life, and there is someone who needs them, who can’t get a hold of them very easily. The people who need them, the sperm cells, belong to the the group that I identify with. It feels a bit problematic to go out with, and say that ”I’ve got sperm – you do need it?”

Spermwhore – a film by Anna Linder

2016, 12 min, 4:3, color/bw, sound 5.1, original format: super-8
Cast: Anna Linder, Hanna Högstedt, Juli Apponen, Zafire Vrba, Niika Linder and Rio Gäredal
Distribution by The Swedish Film Institute, CFMDC – Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre and Heure Exquise! in France.
Password: spermahoran

Spermwhore – The Music

Spermwhore – The Music By Erika Angell
Spermwhore The Music by Erika Angell

The 12 minutes long music piece for Anna Linder’s short film “Spermwhore” and five bonus tracks, all composed and performed by Erika Angell.
Released at HOOB Records 1th February 2017 www.hoob.net
Title: Spermwhore The Music
Artist: Erika Angell
Composer: Erika Angell
Lyrics: Anna Linder, Hanna Högstedt, Zafire Vrba, Juli Apponen
All music performed, recorded and mixed by: Erika Angell
Mastred by: Trillium Sound Studios
Cover art: Anna Linder & Josefin Herolf
Listen to Spermwhore – The Music on Soundcloud

Barbara Hammer: Making Movies out of Sex and Life

Presentation at Valand Academy, Gothenburg 21 May 2015

Looking back on her career as a visual artist, Barbara Hammer will highlight projects that were influential in establishing her work as a major artist in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Barbara Hammer, who is most wellknown for her performances and film/video projects, will focus on particular strategies and lucky breaks that helped her in achieving major retrospectives and gallery exhibitions in the last four years.
Documentation by Roozbeh Hazaei, Editing by Timo Menke
Duration ca 2 hours

QUEER KULTUR (only in Swedish)

Kulturrådets konferensdag fredag den 20 november på Scenkonstmuseet i Stockholm
Moderator: Soledad Piñero Misa
Arrangörer: Kulturrådet och Riksutställningar
Publicerades den 23 november 2015


Eftersnack Spermahoran (only in Swedish)

Vi vill fortfarande prata med varandra om filmen och om det som händer med filmen och med oss när den möter publiken.
Här har vi skapat en sida för eftersnack där vi skriver med och till varandra. Kanske gör vi det bara en stund kanske länge. Det får vi se.