13 Related Sewing Machines

2011, 6 min, HDCAM-SR, Digibeta, DVD, 16:9, färg, stereo, PAL

Varför hör vi inte längre ljudet av symaskiner? I filmen 13 Related Sewing Machines möter vi en släkt där symaskinen alltid varit närvarande. Filmen är den tredje delen i ett pågående projekt om kvinnors osynliga arbete. I can´t hear the sound of your sewing machine anymore är en hyllning till min mor och min mormor och till alla kvinnor som ständigt har dåligt samvete för att de inte räcker till.

Concept and Sound Anna Linder
Cinematographer and Editor Maja Borg
Music New Tango Orquesta
Online Per Sjökvist and Theodore Magnusson, Mekaniken
Web Design Keiichi Sugimoto
Graphic design Josefin Herolf
Production Big Human Productions
Supported by Dramatiska institutet EMS
Lisbet Gabrielsson Film AB
Storumans kommun
Sorsele kommun
Screening details 6 min, HDCAM-SR, DVD, 16:9, Colour, Stereo, PAL
Country and year of production Sweden 2011
Distribution Festivals: Swedish Filminstitute, Andreas Fock
Tel +46 (0)8 665 11 36
E-mail: andreas.fock@sfi.se
Folkets Bio, Sweden www.folketsbio.se
Filmform ­ the art film and video archive, Stockholm
Participating Relatives Gunda Andersson, Holmsund (Grandma´s sister)
Ann-Britt Andersson, Holmsund (Grandma´s sister)
Asta Stenlund, Lycksele (Grandma´s sister-in-law)
Eva Grundström, Sorsele (Grandma)
Greta Johansson, Sorsele (Grandma´s sister)
Gunilla Stenlund, Sorsele (Grandma´s sister-in-law)
Gudrun Stenlund, Sorsele (Grandma´s sister-in-law)
Ann-Irene Linder, Storuman (my mother)
Solweig, Viklund, Sorsele (mothers cousin)
Emmy Johansson, Sorsele (Grandma´s sister)
Märta-Karin Brännlund, Sandsjönäs (my aunt)
Christina Linder, Storuman (my sister)
Petra Bohman, Storuman (my cousin)

13 Related Sewing Machines is a part of an ongoing work about the invisible labour of women; I can’t hear the sound of your sewing machine anymore is a tribute to my mother, grandmother and to all the women who suffer from a constant bad conscience for not being good enough.

Sister Drag, video, 2008, 3 min, stereo, colour, 16:9, PAL
A feminist remake of Christian Marclays Guitar Drag. One Sewing Machine called Brother is dragged behind a Volvo up in the mountains of Lapland in a light summernight.

I’m making this sparetime useful by not making waste, performance, 2010, 2-8 hours, 4-8 channels
The performance is a way to use time for important work. I am repairing, taking care of my textiles and my clothes. I don´t want to buy new things anymore. I hate H&M and all cheap things that destroy our culture and the worlds economy. It is also a way to show some concentrated work and let people be in my world of focus.

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