Words Needed – European Capital of Culture Umeå 2014

Opening weekend January 31th – February 2th

Four new pieces expressing visual dialogues, making political claims and depicting a possible utopian world.

Words Needed is a curatorial concept where moving texts are projected onto four snow walls in Umeå during the Opening Weekend of the European Capital of Culture 2014.

The right to use your own language has not always been self-evident, neither has the right to develop new language possibilities. Nevertheless, the will to communicate has always helped language to find new ways, and this is also something that Umeå2014 is doing with Words Needed.

Karin Michalski & Ann Cvetkovich – The Alphabet of Feeling Bad (14:22)
Atom Cianfarani & Maya Suess – Queer Ecologies (10:26)
Johanna Gustavsson, Angel Haze & Simone Weil – Open Letter to a Working Comrade 1936 / 2013 (13:26)
Maja Borg & Virginia Woolf – Craftsmanship (30:21)

Concept and curatorial work: Anna Linder
Technical advisor: Timo Menke

Words Needed screening times (ongoing loop):
Friday January 31th. Opening: 14:00 – 02:00 Umeå Central City
Saturday February 1th 02:01 – 02:00 Umeå Central City
Sunday February 2th 02:01 – 16:00 Umeå Central City

Documentation by Anna Linder, Johanna Gustavsson, Maja Borg, Maya Suess, Karin Michalski and Timo Menke