Spermwhore Screens at ArtSpace México

November 28th 2018

HOMOGRAFÍA/HOMOGRAPHY is a screened exhibition of video works that have a close relationship with performance // Video/Performance works evoquing identity, gender and creation, exploring issues such as representation of various masculinities, media manipulation, voyeurism & exhibitionism and ‘dressing the body in art’.

This new presentation is possible because of the interconnection between the participants. It is a free programme that celebrates contemporary practices. Creating a space of visibility proper to the decline of the models of dominant male culture.
The exhibition has been created collectively and each work is defined by its own means, addressing in different ways, issues such as the relationship between the body and the environment, capitalism and gender, the construction of identity and the influence of the queer: that can be better understood if we look at the original circumstances of its production.

Co-curated by Chris Miller
In collaboration with Pink Screens Brussels

Aay Liparoto (BE), Abdi Osman (CA), Alexander Isaenko (UKR), Anna Linder (SU), Brian Kenny (US), Ciriza (US), Cremance (MEX), Damien Petitot (BE), Dayna McLeod (CA), Diego Carvalho Sá (BR), Diego Mud (MEX/ARG), Emanuele Dainotti & Alessandro G. Capuzzi (IT), Endre Aalrust (NO), GayEye + El Andariego + GeorgeX (MEX), Gian Cruz & Claire Villacorta (PHL), Gio Black Peter (US), Hector Acuña (PER), Javier Ocampo (MEX), Jeremy Di Cristofaro (BE), Jorge Bordello (MEX), Jose Luis Benavides (US), Julius Thissen (NL), Kristin Li (CA), Lamathilde (CA), Léa Rogliano (BE), Lumbre (Xavier Aguirre Palacios) (MEX), Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil (PR/CAT), Matt Lambert (US/DE), Michele Manzini (IT), Moreno Perna (NL), Nicky Miller (DE), Pipoca (Paola de Ramos) (FI), RM Vaughan + Keith Cole + Jared Mitchell (CA), Saïd Abitar (BE), Santiago Echeverry (US), Slava Mogutin (US), Yvan Megal (BE), Lothar Muller (DE/MEX)