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Symposium – Artistic research with impact

Welcome to the Symposium on Artistic Research on November 20th! During the last ten years the Swedish Research Council has financed more than 80 research projects within Artistic research. In what ways have these projects contributed to both the artistic research and other relevant fields?… Read more

cum pane at NYC FEMINIST FILM WEEK 2019

NYC FEMINIST FILM WEEK 2019 at ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES March 5 – March 10 The NYC Feminist Film Week presents its third annual film program committed to increasing the visibility of women and of all trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming filmmakers. Our program aims to… Read more

Spermwhore Screens at ArtSpace México

November 28th 2018 HOMOGRAFÍA/HOMOGRAPHY is a screened exhibition of video works that have a close relationship with performance // Video/Performance works evoquing identity, gender and creation, exploring issues such as representation of various masculinities, media manipulation, voyeurism & exhibitionism and ‘dressing the body in art’.… Read more

Queer experimentell film når en större publik

Only in Swedish Nyhetsmagasinet Syre Nummer 289 / Johan Jacobsson Franzén Konstfilmsproducenten Anna Linder har under många år arbetat med att lyfta alternativa perspektiv i konsten och hon har jobbat med film sedan 90-talet. Hennes senaste forskningsprojekt handlade om queer rörlig bild, däribland hennes egen… Read more