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Spermwhore in Ljubljana

Thursday, April 18th 2019: Screening for 3rd year students of Social Pedagogy from the Faculty of Education (University of Ljubljana) as part of the “Gender Specific Socialization” course, run by Renata Šribar. Tea Hvala lead a discussion with the students about the film and about… Read more

Queer experimentell film når en större publik

Sorry… only in Swedish: Nyhetsmagasinet Syre Nummer 289 / Johan Jacobsson Franzén Konstfilmsproducenten Anna Linder har under många år arbetat med att lyfta alternativa perspektiv i konsten och hon har jobbat med film sedan 90-talet. Hennes senaste forskningsprojekt handlade om queer rörlig bild, däribland hennes… Read more

Spermwhore at Eat Me When I Bleed

EAT ME WHEN I BLEED It’s finally time for the first ever amazing, horrifying, sexy, lesbian and queer party EAT ME WHEN I BLEED Curious? (We know you are) LIVE ACTS! VIDEOWORKS! ART EXHIBITION! DJ’S! PERFORMANCE! # SPERM WHORE – Videowork by Anna Linder #… Read more

Spermwhore at FILMHOUSE Edinburgh

FILMHOUSE – Centre for the Moving Image in Edinburgh For Scotland’s LGBT History Month, we present a special programme of short films that have premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival. Written on the Body February 22th 2018. Through the dynamic combination of performance, politics and… Read more