Oncurating Queering the Exhibition – Spermwhore

Queering the exhibition – Vernissage
Elie Autin, Juliette Uzor
How I Can I Call What Is Between Us

7.30pm: How can I call what is between us – A performance by Elie Autin & Juliette Uzor

Contributions by Hana Earles, Maëlle Gross, Anna Linder, Nunzio Madden, OMSK Social Club PUNK IS DADA, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Marilou Poncin, Tabita Rezaire, Roee Rosen, Scagliola & Meier, Nicolaas Schmidt, Bo Zheng

Taking queer practices & theories as a point of departure, ‘Queering the Exhibition’ suggests both a conceptually and formally polyphonous environment of 12 video artworks by several artists. Against naturalized, binary subject constructions this group show puts ambiguity, fluidity and layering at the forefront to enhance multiple levels of subjectivity. By challenging its format, the exhibition invites the visitor to perpetually reconfigure the offered narratives.

The Oncurating Project Space (oncurating.org) organises an exhibition curated by the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, at the Zurich University of the Arts, in collaboration with zürich moves!, festival for contemporary arts practice in performing arts.

23 March – 12 April 2018
Opening times:Tue–Thu, 4–7pm or by appointment (info@oncurating.org)

In collaboration with zürich moves!
More about the programme here

Photos (above):
Marilou Poncin, video still of ‘Cosmic Ass’, 2015. Courtesy the artist.
Maëlle Gross, video still of ‘Strike a Pose’, 2014. Courtesy the artist.
Anna Linder, video still of ‘Spermwhore’, 2016. Courtesy the artist.