JORD – Summer Exhibition at Havremagasinet Boden

June 5 – september 26, 2021

During 2021, all projects and exhibitions at Havremagasinet follow a common theme: SOIL. Soil is a geological substance. It is a living organism; a composite blend of minerals and organic materials covering the thinnest outer layer of Earth’s crust; a substance encompassing both decay and growth. Soil is the biosphere and the thanatosphere. Soil or rather the synonym earth is also our word for world – the planet we live on. It is the ground beneath your feet. Who does the earth belong to? We have measured it and divided it up with borders. Some own parts of it and some do not. Do they live on someone else’s earth?

This year we invite you to a conversation about SOIL which is a conversation about many things; migration and departure in our spring exhibitions, or survival and cultivation as in the exhibitions of this summer. We offer you different art experiences and projects based on this theme, which we believe, with your help, can lead us to new insights about our contemporary landscape and existence.

Curator: Mariangela Mendez Prencke

Anna Linder is participating with two solo projects and one piece of art created by the collective Trädfittorna (Anna Linder, Eila Wall Boholm, Elin Rytiniemi, Sanna Wiggefors and Ylva Helena Långdahl). The art relates to the inland of Västerbotten and contains stories gathered both from collective memories as well as archive studies – stories about the significance of the forest often through a norm-critical perspective. It is an exposition of forgotten queer secrets regaining their legitimate place in history and lore.

The pieces are: En stol till Sara and Trädfittor

Participating artists:
Chuyia Chia
Linda Tedsdotter
Ilona Huss Walin
Ursula Biemann
Carolina Caycedo
Agneta Andersson
Victoria Andersson
Åke Åkerlund

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