Spermwhore at INVIDEO – 27th International Exhibition of Video and Cinema Beyond

16th – 19th November 2017, Milan, Italy
INVIDEO inaugurates the Festival with an evening dedicated to the INTERNATIONAL SECTION

Thursday 16th November at 9 pm Spazio Oberdan:

In the very rich program, so many #ORIGINS: from the creation and contemplation of the universe in KOSMOS by Robert Cahen, Rubén Guzmán and Narcisa Hirsch to the study of frequencies and audio-video signals as at the beginning of RGB+, electronic experimental work by Roberto D’Alessandro; from the origins of love and life in Spermwhore – SPERMAHORAN by Anna Linder to the start of a new “free” life in #THEIRCATSASWELL by Lisbeth Kovaĉiĉ; from the genesis of a video through a pictorial work as in the case of LA BATAILLE DE SAN ROMANO by Georges Schwizgebel to the construction of dreamlike imaginaries as in REVERIE by Paolo Bandinu.

Selezione internazionale
RGB+, Roberto D’Alessandro, Francia, 2017, 6′
Kosmos, Robert Cahen, Rubén Guzmán, Narcisa Hirsch, Argentina-Francia, 2017, 10′
Ex Terrat, Reinhold Bidner, Austria-Francia, 2016, 6′
Toutes Directions, Dieter Kovacˆicˆ, Billy Roisz, Austria, 2017, 13’23”
#theircatsaswell, Lisbeth Kovacˆicˆ, Austria, 2016, 4′
Kaputt, Volker Schlecht, Germania, 2016, 7’02”
Green Screen Gringo, Douwe Dijkstra, Paesi Bassi, 2016, 15’51”
Fortgang, Otto Alder, Svizzera, 2016, 4’12”
But Elsewhere is Always Better, Vivian Ostrovsky, Stati Uniti, 2016, 4’09”
Latency Contemplation 2, Seoungho Cho, Stati Uniti-Corea del Sud, 2016, 7’44”
In a Nutshell, Fabio Friedli, Svizzera, 2017, 5′
Spermahoran, Anna Linder, Svezia, 2016, 12′
La bataille de San Romano, Georges Schwizgebel, Svizzera, 2017, 2′
I Made You, I Kill You, Alexandru Petru Ba˘delit˛a˘, Francia, 2016, 14′
Reverie, Paolo Bandinu, Germania, 2016, 3′
#wreckOfHope, Leyokki, Francia, 2016, 7′

Programme PDF here