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This short film is a queer, feminist and experimental work that began in 2009 and came to fruition in the spring of 2013.

Spermwhore is a queer experimental film about unwanted childlessness in a world where normative heterosexual relationships dictate who can become parents and in what way. When it comes to reproduction our merciless bodies reduce us to merely a set sex or given gender. But the longing for children is not limited to our bodies, and the possibility of pregnancy can be gifted, shared and undertaken together.

Read more about the working process in the book Queer Moving Images.

Anna Linder’s Spermwhore is a film years in the making, and finally brings the festival the queer text it has been lacking up to this point. The film, making beautiful use of Super 8mm stock, is explicitly focused on queer bodies, parenthood and the destruction of heteronormative power structures. Spermwhore argues that families should resemble any form that provides love and care for a child, and proclaims the two-parent (wealthy, straight) unit dead. This is a powerful, intersectional feminist text, and one that should be seen by all who love experimental film.
By Ben Harrison, Exclaim!. Review from Images Festival, Toronto. Published Apr 17, 2016.

“The title of Anna Linder’s experimental film sounds like the first in a series of highly successful bukake flicks. But the Swedish artist’s contribution is actually a look at the challenges of procreation outside of normative hetero couplings. Using a combination of colour and black and white Super 8, she and her crew shot different types of textiles in motion to create a room with constant flickering spots and swirling sound. Though the piece was inspired partly by Linder’s own life, there’s no literal story on display here. Rather, the film aims to create a highly abstracted representation of the emotions associated with longing for children, pregnancy and miscarriage through a queer lens. Aside from the additional challenges queer reproduction brings, Spermwhore examines queer parenting as an act that’s as political as it is personal, from the initial longing for a child to the overwhelming joy that comes with success after years of trying.”
By Chris Dupois, Daily Xtra. Published April 13, 2016.

Production facts A film by Anna Linder; 2016, 12 min, 4:3, color/bw, sound 5.1, original format: super-8, screening format: DCP
Director Anna Linder
Cast Anna Linder, Hanna Högstedt, Juli Apponen, Zafire Vrba and Niika Linder, Rio Gäredal
Cinematographers Maja Borg and Annika Busch
Editor and Super-8 Treatment Maja Borg
Sewing Anna Linder
Music Erika Angell
Lyrics Anna Linder, Hanna Högstedt, Juli Apponen, Zafire Vrba
Sound Jan Alvermark
Graphic design Josefin Herolf
Colorist Per Sjökvist, Filmlance International
Online Jonas Eriksson, Filmlance International
Tattoo Sole, StaDemonia Tattoo Barcelona
Filmed on a Beaulieu 6008 PRO
Runner Anders Rundberg
Producer Anna Linder
Production company Big Human Productions 2016
Financial Support by The Swedish Research Council, Valand Academy and The Swedish Film Institute, film commissioners Andreas Fock and Andra Lasmanis
Contact and Distribution Worldwide CFMDC – Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, bookings(at)cfmdc.org, www.cfmdc.org
HEURE EXQUISE ! – Centre International pour les Arts Vidéo, contact(at)exquise.org, www.heure-exquise.org
Anna Linder +46 70 6430151, mail(at)annalinder.se
Festival Distribution Jing Haase +46 8 6651133, jing.haase(at)filminstitutet.se
Spermwhore is part of the research project Queer Moving Images at Valand Academy


Photo: Maja BorgPhoto: Maja Borg
Photo: Maja Borg

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International Film Festival Rotterdam “link” 2016/01/29 Lantaren 5 The Netherlands
Images Festival Toronto “link” 2016/04/17 Jackman Hall, Art Gallery Ontario Canada
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival “link” 2016/05/09 Lichtburg Filmpalast/Sunset Germany
Edinburgh International Film Festival “link” 2016/06/18 Cineworld 5 Scotland
MIX Copenhagen “link” 2016/10/06 Sjællandsgade Bad Denmark
VOX Feminae “link” 2016/10/08 Zagreb Croatien
Uppsala International Short Film Festival “link” 2016/10/26 Uppsala Sweden
Queer Streifen Film Festival “link” 2016/11/03 Regensburg Germany
Pink Screens Brussel “link” 2016/11/17 Beursschouwburg Belgien
Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest London “link” 2016/11/19 Hackney Showroom UK
Umeå European Film Festival “link” 2016/11/26 Bildmuseet Sweden
Um Outro Film Festival “link” 2017/01/20 CCBB, Curator Gustavo Galvao Brasilia
14 Zinegoak LGTB Film & Performing Arts Festival “link” 2017/02/20 Bilbao Spain
Tempo Documentary Film Festival “link” 2017/03/11 Bio Rio Stockholm Sweden
Melbourne Queer Film Festival “link” 2017/03/19 ACMI, Curator Anna Helme Australia
BFI Flare London “link” 2017/03/23 British Film Institute NFT 3 UK
Polar Festival - Panorama Nordic “link” 2017/04/21 La Gaite Lyrique, Paris France
Frame Film Festival “link” 2017/05/06 Bio Roy, Gothenburg Sweden
Gerlesborgsskolan “link” 2017/05/10 Curator Karolina Pahlén Sweden
12th XPOSED Int. Queer Film Festival “link” 2017/05/12 Moviemento, Berlin Germany
Borderline – Culture Festival “link” 2017/05/31 Litteraturhuset, Gothenburg Sweden
1th Hungary Queer Festival “link” 2017/06/04 Művelődési Szint (Müszi) Hungary
Rio Festival de Gênero & Sexualidade no Cinema “link” 2017/06/06 Cine Odeon, Rio de Janeiro Brasil
WHAT THE FUCK ? FEST*** “link” 2017/07/01 Cirque Electrique, Paris France
17th IMAGES CONTRE NATURE 2017 “link” 2017/07/05 Videodrome 2, Marseille France
TranScreen Film Festival “link” 2017/09/15 Kriterion 3, Amsterdam The Netherlands
Feminist Film Club “link” 2017/09/28 Unit 4 Towerdykeside, Hawick Scotland
STOCKmotion Filmfestival “link” 2017/10/14 Swedish Film Institute, Sthlm Sweden
Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage “link” 2017/10/22 Metropolis, Hamburg Germany
INVIDEO, 27th Int Exhibition of Video & Cinema Beyond “link” 2017/11/16 Spazio Oberdan, Milano Italy
Trans Film Fest Stockholm “link” 2017/11/17 Stockholm Sweden


Queer Moving Images “link” 2017-02-04 Göteborgs konsthall Sweden Anna Linder, Göteborgs konsthall
Family First “link” 2017-10-07 Södertälje konsthall Sweden Curator Sarah Guarino Florén
CITY OF WOMEN “link” 2017-10-08 Galerija Alkatraz, Ljubljana Slovenia Artistic Director Teja Reba

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